Jun 2, 2019

5 Wonky & Cool Kitchenware Gadgets

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Having the right utensils for cooking is essential for any budding chef. If you love to cook or know someone who does, here are some innovative and inexpensive culinary products that will make life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Williams-Sonoma’s Italian Tomato Press Cooking Utensil

The Italian Tomato Press from Williams-Sonoma is ideal for easily turning fresh tomatoes into a base for sauces and soups. The press looks a lot like a meat grinder. Simply put fresh tomatoes into the top of the machine and crank the handle. The skin and seeds of the tomato are removed and the remaining pulp comes out the strainer into a bowl. Recipes are even included with the tomato press.

Cuisipro’s Herb Keeper

Every cook will agree that fresh herbs are always preferable to dried, but they are hard to keep fresh. The Cuisipro herb keeper will help herbs stay fresh longer. This clear container allows the stems of the herbs to be immersed in water in a removable tray that can be replenished, maintaining their freshness for weeks in the fridge.

Sur La Table’s Ceramic Ginger Grater Cooking Tool

Sur La Table’s Ceramic Ginger Grater is made from aluminum and zirconium oxide as opposed to stainless steel. It is basically a ceramic dish with the grater in the middle surround by a well for collecting the juices. It’s a great way to grate fresh ginger. The grater has rows of long sharp teeth that collect the ginger as a piece is run over it. Because it is ceramic it will not corrode like a metal ginger grater and will last longer. It is also easier to clean and will resist germs.

Williams-Sonoma’s Appetizer Grill Rack

This appetizer grill rack from Williams-Sonoma is a wire rack perfect for cooking small foods like appetizers or hors d’oeuvres that would normally slide around on a baking sheet. The rack features 18 wells ideal for cooking stuffed mushrooms, stuffed cherry tomatoes, phyllo bundles, cocktail meatballs, and anything that is too small to put on a grill.

Kaiser Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom

The Kaiser Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom is a great innovation for anyone trying to get a quiche out of the pan in one piece. The quiche pan is made of tin plated steel that provides even and gentle heat distribution so as to not burn the crust or leave the quiche uncooked in the middle, which is a common problem. The bottom pushes out easily by hand to remove the quiche from the pan.

Cooking is so much easier when you have great utensils to work with, and all of these cooking tools are under $50.

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