Jun 2, 2019

10 Wonky Ways to Reuse Shredded Paper

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Today, many homes and offices own a paper shredder in order to responsibly make our bills and personal information unreadable. Recycling shredded paper is challenging in many communities for it cannot be added to the blue recycling bins for pick up and must be delivered to recycling depots. With a little creativity, there are ways to reuse shredded paper in our daily living and the following article provides some ideas.

Here are ten ways to use shredded paper.

Shredded Paper for Shipping

Shredded paper makes a nice soft protector in packages that are being shipped. Of course, the receiver is then left with the paper to deal with. You might offer an empty zip lock bag with a note saying “this bag can be used for holding the paper for a future gift.”

Pet Cage Bedding

Shredded paper makes a lovely bedding for small rodent cages and other larger pet beds.

Reuse Shredded Papers Strips with Card Making

Strips of shredded paper that are long and colorful can be used for creating handmade cards. A glossy finish can be placed over the top of the paper, such as decoupage or glue mixed with water. The adhesive mix will flatten the strips of shredded paper chosen as well as the other paper being used. In addition, the paper can be used to create a crinkle effect.

A Sensory Experience for Young Children

In early childhood settings, for instance preschool and daycare, sensory tables are placed out to allow children to have hands-on experiences with a variety of safe material. Shredded paper is a material to place in tables with small baskets and boxes for filling or adding to toy farm animals for drama play. This activity can be done at home as well. If you do not have a large bin, try the summer plastic pool from storage and let the children sit right in the paper pool to have some indoor fun.

Shredded Paper Inside Gift Bags

The next time you use a gift bag, fill the top with shredded paper with or without the tissue paper.

Recycling Shredded Paper for Organic Mulch

Many gardeners use shredded paper inside their composts, or when turning the soil of a planting bed. The paper is decomposed naturally while also helping the gardener.

Reuse Shredded Paper for Paper Mache Crafts

Paper mache is a classic craft that mixes strips of paper with water and flour, as well as several other recipes . The paper mache mixture is then pressed onto a form, like a balloon, old light bulb, bowl figure and so on. When the paper is dry, the craft can be painted and decorated.

Reuse Shredded Paper for the Holidays

Use shredded paper for Easter baskets and decorations throughout the house during this spring holiday. Add some spring pastel colors to the paper for an added touch. The paper can remain in the baskets and be reused for the following year. Similarly, shredded paper can be used to protect the Christmas ornaments when stored for the following season.

Make New Paper

There are paper making kits available in stores with instructions as well as detailed exlanations on the web. First, simply make a mold with an old frame and mesh material. Place the shredded paper with warm water into a blender to make a paper pulp, and repeat a number of times until there is enough pulp and water in a tub. Use the mesh frame and pushed to the bottom of the container, and then slowly rise up. The pulp will be sitting on the frame. This needs to dry or be place in an oven at its lowest temperature. The final result creates paper which is wonderful for handmade cards or gift wrapping.

Turn the Shredded Paper into Home Decoration

Try placing the shredded paper into glass jars, and place bright items inside. For instance, at Christmas, place bright red bulbs inside or red hearts for Valentine’s. With a little creativity, the paper can be used for decorative appeal in your home.

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